Beautiful, pleasant and
pure Yeoncheon

Pyeonghwa-Nuri/ Tracking

Gorangpogil (the 10th course)

Horogoru is located at an important path connecting Gaeseong and Seoul.

It is a riverside flatland fortress on the long, triangular plateau which forms a basalt cliff of 28 meters high formed by a tributary flowing into ImjingangRiver from Wondang-ri.

Imjingang river near the whole area of Gorangpo Ferry on which Horogoru is located was so strategically important area that many battle stories appear in the Chronicles of the Three States.

There exist opinions that the origin of a word of Horogoru came from the shape of this place looking like a gourd or a dipper or the combination of Hol (Horo) which means a town and Guru which means a fortress.