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Culture/ Prehistoric Site

Yeoncheon Jeongok-ri Prehistoric Site

The Jeongok-ri Prehistoric Site is a prime site on the Korean peninsula for the study of Paleolithic relics and located on a hilly area at an altitude of 61 meters near Hantangang River, Jeongok-ri, Jeongok-eup.

Hantangang River flows under a precipice cutting by eroding a basalt deposit which once formed the floor of a valley and the basalt deposit is surrounded by a low, hilly terrain eroded for a long time.

The Jeongok-ri Prehistoric Site has a geological base of granite gneiss formed during the Precambrian era and a sand gravel layer (Baek-ui-ri layer) formed by stream channel deposition before the eruption of basalt is widely distributed along the Hantangang River.

Hardened lava which was erupted in Cheonwon, Pyeonggang, etc. of Gangwon-do forms a thick basalt layer and the relics of the Paleolithic era are excavated from sedimentary layers such as clay and sand accumulated on the basalt layer.