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Yeoldugaeul Valley

Yeoldugaeul Valley flowing from Yeoncheon-gun Cheongsan-myeon Choseong-ri to Pocheon-gun Sinbuk-myeon Deokdun-ri form a beauty spot along with rocks of fantastic shape, cliffs and clear valley.

Famous places such as Seonnyeobawi Rock, Mujangso, Boanso, Manjangbawi Rock, Pyeongbawi Rock, Doraso, Dolmukso, Bongbawi Rock, Ssangmuso, and Yongsugolso extend over 10 li.

In old times when there was no bridge, one who wanted to go Deokdun-ri from Beobsudong had to cross gaeul(sannaecheon) as many as 12 times.

Today, there are five bridge and convenient transportation but the name of Yeodugaeul Valley is still present. Around this place, Sinbuk Spa which was designated as a spa zone in December 1992 in Pocheon-si.