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Dong-i-ri Jusangjeolli Cliff

Yeoncheon Dong-i-ri (Imjingang River) Jusangjeolli is located at the whole area of 67-2, Dong-i-ri, Misan-myeon. Elongated red cliff Jusangjeolli is formed at the confluence of Imjingang River and Hantangang River towards Imjingang River.

A plateau of lava formed by volcanic activity in the middle of diluvial epoch was eroded and brought about vertical Jusangjeolli cliffs along the riverside. The country’s largest Jusangjeolli red cliff at Imjingang River over 1.5 km produces a breathtaking landscape overgrown with ivy and Mukdenia rossii. From ancient times, it has been called Jangdan cliff, one of the members of Eight Scenic Views of Songdo which indicates eight famous places of Gaeseong.