Beautiful, pleasant and
pure Yeoncheon

Local Characteristics and Development Tasks

Development potentials

  • Potential to develop into a hub of inter-Korean exchanges in the era of unification Expected epoch-making local development backed by the expansion of socialinfrastructure following the legislation of the Borderland Support Act, inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation projects and establishment of infrastructure for the unification Rich tourism resources including the typhoon observatory, Kim Sin-jo (a North Korean spy) Infiltration Route, the First Underground Passage and historic sites from the prehistoric age in Jeongok-ri

Development Constraints

  • The northernmost part of the Kyonggi Province bordering the 32 km of Demarcation line Slowed local development due to various regulations such as the designation of the County as the military facility protection district
  • Decrease of the population for 4 consecutive years driven by poor conditions of commercial, education and cultural facilities Thirty percent of the county (25 ris of 6 myons) is in the northern part of the restricted area for civilians, thus causing inconveniences in farming and livelihood

Development tasks and responses

  • Reflection of the opinions of the County to the fullest extent into the comprehensive development plan by the Borderland Support Act
    • Expansion of social infrastructure, creation of logistics complex to facilitate cooperation and exchanges between the North and South, construction of up-to-date industrial belt in the Chugaryung area and establishment of national tourist park around the Imjin river
  • Well-planned land use and development of transportation network in preparation for the reunification of the peninsula
    • Rearrangement of planned urban districts and promotion of the balanced local development
  • Derivation of consensus among the residents for the County's exclusion from the application of the Seoul Metropolitan Area Readjustment Planning Act and easing of the Protection of Military Installations Act and continued proposals to the Central Government